Exakta Circle
Promoting the collection, use and historical study of Ihagee cameras and associated accessories

Sphere of activity
We are a group of enthusiastic collectors from all over the world who share a common interest in the products of the Ihagee company. Originally set up in the early 1980s to gather what data could be found about Exakta cameras, the Circle has widened its sphere of activity with time so that we are now dedicated to the collection and use of, and research into all things Ihagee, but we have retained our historic name.

Foundation and Rules
The Circle was founded in the early 1980s by the late Marc Bramson, and other individuals, many of whom remain members of the Exakta Circle.
The Rules of the Circle were last updated in 2016, and are supplied to new members when they join.

Subscriptions costs are reviewed from year to year and decided on at the AGM; a Membership Application and Renewal form can be downloaded from this site (see below).

The Circle holds two formal meetings each year, one in the springtime and the Annual General Meeting about six months later. These meetings are currently held in locations strategically choosen so as to allow the majority of UK members to reach them without a long journey.
However, for convenient participation of all members regardless to location, decisions will be based on votes cast by mail or - preferably - e-mail with respective forms distributed in advance.

Next meetings
will be announced right on top of our homepage.

By far the most important method of remaining in contact with all our members is our quarterly journal, the Exakta Times. This carries articles of technical and historic interest, together with notices and reports of meetings and articles on members' activities.

This Website
Besides pages of information of general interest about the Exakta Circle, one of which you are reading now, the website aims to be a definitive source of information to members and non-members on all things Ihagee-related.
There are areas which are restricted to Exakta Circle Members only. If you are a Member and do not have access to these areas, please contact the webmaster (see contacts page or below) for access.

A very large collection of reference material is held by the Historian, who is always willing to consider members? requests for copies of documents. Most of these documents are the personal property of the Historian, and most of them are irreplaceable, so access to the original material is very restricted. There are hundreds of brochures, instruction manuals, articles and books, some available in more than one language.

The Library also contains a Bibliography, listing so far as is known, everything printed about Ihagee and its products, including all the material in the Library and much more besides. The Bibliography was published by parts in the Exakta Times starting with issue No. 53, Winter 2003 to No. 63, Summer 2006.
Interested members should contact the committee secretary.

The committee of the Exakta Circle consists of the following members (May 2022):

John Richardson



John Richardson (temporarily)



John Mawditt

Membership Secretary


John Richardson (temporarily)



Harry Körmeling



Peter Longden



Mark Stuecheli

North American Representative


Hugo Ruys

Exakta Times Editor


Abdel Maghroub co-opted



Annual fees
The Club Year goes from the 1st of April to the end of March.
The strongly recommended way to pay for overseas members is PayPal.
Membership fees are very reasonable, please find payment details in the membership form for 2021/22 in English/Français/Deutsch.