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Spring Meeting

Our next meeting will take place on 26th June 2016 from 10am till 4pm at the Village Hall, East Clandon, Surrey GU4 7RS.

As the crow flies, East Clandon is 4 few miles outside the M25 London Orbital Motorway in the Guildford direction. Find Junction 10 on the M25 and turn south-west towards Guildford onto the A3. After 4 miles turn south onto the A247. After another 2 miles turn back eastwards onto the A246. After only 1 mile you will find East Clandon on the north side of the A246.

Those of you with access to the internet can find a map through Google Maps UK, entering East Clandon Village Hall. Irrespective of where the red balloon appears to land, the Village Hall is at the junction of The Street and St. Thomas's Drive, almost directly opposite the Church.

The hall has no parking space of its own, but you can park on one side of St. Thomas's Drive, being careful not to block residents' or emergency access, or equally sensibly Ripley Road or Old Epsom Road.

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