Exakta Circle

Promoting the collection, use and historical study of Ihagee cameras and associated accessories

Links to other organizations & sites of interest


Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain

The Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain is the country's leading organization for collectors and enthusiasts interested in the collection and study of photographic equipment and images. Formed in 1977 the Club has over 1000 members worldwide with diverse interests ranging from sub-miniature cameras to daguerreotypes, through to photographic books and using vintage equipment and processes. It has sister organizations all over the world.

Australian Photographic Collectors' Society

Formed in 1976, The Australian Photographic Collectorsí Society Inc. is a registered Society dedicated to the Collection and Preservation of Photographica.

Exakta Ihagee Club de France

A sister organization of the Exakta Circle. It issues an A5 size magazine called l'Exacta.

The (Topica) Exakta List

The Topica list was a Bulletin Board devoted to Exakta and Ihagee in general.
It was independent of the Exakta Circle, but many members followed and contributed to the discussions.
After many years, it has now been moved to Google Groups

Steenbergen Stichting (Foundation)

The site of the Steenbergen Foundation is online, but only in Dutch.
A Google translation to English

Internet sites about Ihagee and Exakta

USA: exaktaphile.net/captjack/index.htm by Jack Dugrew
USA: www.wrotniak.net by Andrzei Wrotniak
USA: www.exaktaphile.net by Miles Upton
USA: www.cameraquest.com/classics.htm by Stephen Gandy (scroll down to Exakta items)

Poland (in English): Pawel Fila's site about Exakta & Exa

Germany: Photo but More by Horst Neuhaus

Germany: Dresden Exakta Fotoklub

Germany: www.exaktapages.com by Olaf Nattenberg
Germany: www.exaklaus.de/homepage.htm by Klaus Rademaker (German, English & French)
Germany: www.peterlanczak.de by Peter Lanczak
Germany: www.dresdner-kameras.de/ihagee_exakta/ihagee_exakta.html run by Michael Sorms

Italy: www.exakta.org by Maurizio Frizziero (English)

The Netherlands: www.ihagee.org a comprehensive Ihagee site by Hugo Ruys (English)

Ihagee Kamerawerk in Dresden a personal history by Klaus-Eckard Riess (English)


The Corfield Story

German Photography Publishers & Book Store Lindemanns (German & English)