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ET No.1
December 1990

A Visit to Dresden
1990 AGM
Colour Print Competition
Tips from Tyros
Simplification Expanded
Not Such Idle Thoughts
Odds & Sods by "Old Bodger"
Disconnected Jottings of an Exaktaophile "Episode One"
How I Started Collecting



ET No.2
March 1991

Disconnected Jottings (Episode Two)
Another Batch of Idle Thoughts
Why Exakta?
Displaying Your Collection
German in Two Easy Lessons
Adhesives + Tips from "Tyros"
Members Addresses
Exakta Bibliography
Colour Print Competition
Focussing on the Parvola & Exakta
Odds & Sods by the "Old Bodger"
Praktica Screw to Exakta Adaptor
For Sales



ET No.79
Autumn 2010

Chairman's Corner & Editorial
AGM Steventon 2010 Minutes & Annual Reports
How to make a VP-wind-on-lever-return-coil-spring
Largest Exakta Exhibition in the World
McKeown's Price Guide Edition 13
Booklets in the USA
The Topica Discussion List
Coming Activities of the Exakta Circle
It was a Night Exakta!
Our Distant Past 1
Curiosities shown in Steventon in April 2010
Contents of the next Exakta Times (No. 80)
Mixed News
Ihagee/Exakta Convention 2012 in Dresden


ET No.87
Autumn 2012

From the Chairman's Viewpoint
Peter's Perambulations
Exakta Circle AGM October 2012
Print Competition Winners
'Does It Still Work?' - Fumbler
Exakta Times Survey
Back and Forth - "Janus"
For Sale and Wanted
From the Booklets



ET No.88
Spring 2013

F from the Chairman's Viewpoint
Macro Day Invitation
Peter's Perambulations
The Exakta System (BJP Article)
Preliminary Results of the ET Survey
Rambles about Focussing Screens and Macrophotography
A Provisional Classification of Exakta Extension Tubes, Part 1
Excerpts from the Exakta List
The Soviet Varex Marketing Scheme
Back and Forth by "Janus"
Steventon Meeting



ET No.89
June 2013

'Mystery Photo' and Macro Day
From the Chairman's Viewpoint
Peter's Perambulations
Letters to the Editor & Editorial
Minutes of the Steventon Spring Meeting
Exakta - a critique
Photos from the Steventon Spring Photo Competition
Nieuwegein 10 March 2013 - A Report
A Provisional Classification of Exakta Entension Tubes, Part 2
A Shutter Test for your Exakta
Back and Forth by "Janus"
Storage and Preservation of Cameras


ET No.90
September 2013

Editorial - Report on Macro Day
New Club Rules
From the Chairman's Viewpoint
Peter's Perambulations
A New Translation of Aguila & Rouah's 'Exakta Collection'
The Exakta System Part 2 (Reprint from BJP)
Making Exakta Repair Tools
A Provisional Classification of Exakta Extension Tubes, Part 3
The Exakta Varex IIa - the ideal 35mm SLR
Notice of Steventon AGM 27 October 2013
Melbourne Surprise


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