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One of our members, Michel Rouah, is compiling a 'pocket edition' of his masterwork "Exakta Collection".

This new edition will have somewhat fewer illustrations than the big book and will be in two volumes, the first of 148 pages, covering all the camera bodies, and the second of 152 pages, everything else. The size will be 95x190mm with glued bindings.

The cost to those of us who are not also EICF members, or who did not attend the Chalon Convention, will be between £ 25 and £ 30 for the pair of volumes, plus postage.

It will be in French, but hey, "Exakta Collection" is overwhelmingly a catalogue with many tables which need no translation. It's obvious what's being said without having to resort to a dictionary. If one really wants the translation of a particular piece, help can be found.

It strikes us that this is a grand opportunity to access a host of authoritative information at a very reasonable price, especially if you felt the big book was beyond your means.If you are interested, please give your name at your earliest opportunity to André Magnin at dominiquemagnin@wanadoo.fr, so that they may assess the print run required.

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