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Ihagee - The Men and the Cameras, by Peter Longden (7Mb download)
Ultimate Exakta Repair, by Miles Upton (contact author through link or search ebay for seller called exaktaphile1)
Practical Photography with the Kine Exakta, by Gerhard Isert (English trans. Philip C. Smethurst) (14Mb download)
Exakta Guide, Focal Press, 1951 (3.5Mb download)

Exakta 35mm Guide, Focal Press, 1979 (1.9Mb download)
The Distance Meter, Ihagee (download on members pages)
Interesting Photos ... with Vielzweck and the Exakta Varex, Ihagee (download on members pages)
Kine Exakta - a Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Exakta Circle (download on members pages)
Evolution over two decades, Ihagee (download on members pages)


Ihagee - the Men and the Cameras
Ultimate Exakta Repair Manual
Practical Photography with the Kine Exakta 1937
Exakta Guide 1951
Exakta 35mm Guide
Distance Meter
Vielzweck Kine Exakta Diamond Jubilee Leaflet Evolution



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